The Black Works

The Black Works

The Black Works, are a series of paintings, which I have started working on here in Berlin.

They represent, the loss of identity, and the loneliness, which the modern human expiriences, every day in the western societes.


Our identeties, are lost in the systems, and we are transformed into nothing else, than a number, for the survelliance cameras too watch.


The Black Works, will show, a variety of paintings, showing the hopelesness of the modern humans, while they go around with their everyday lifeĀ“s.


How can it be, that we are sorrounded by thousends of people every day, and we are connected to the modern Matrix, through our electronic gods, but yet we have no compasion for each other? How can we be so lonely, when our world does not allow that too happen?


These are the questions, I will be working with, through The Black Works.


The Black Works, can be seen, at the end of this year, or at the beginning of the next year, at my solo show, at Kunstgalleriet Odense.



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